The name CJacks is derived from the term “cracker jacks,” which means people of noticeable excellence.  CJacksArts is an international arts directory system and a social media platform, where the artists and art experts come together to connect, collaborate, and find out new opportunities.

CJacks Arts is for the artists from every art form, from music to dance to visual arts to more, who create and practice arts.  It’s also a platform for all art supporters, art resources, and art organizations.

To create your CJacks Arts account, click on the “Register” button and follow the instructions to fill out the registration form. 

You need to fill out a short form to register on CJacks and become visible in our directory.  The second form is to create your artist’s profile for networking. 

CJacks Arts is both an international arts directory and a networking platform. 

Anyone involved in the arts can become a member by filling out our registration form.  We organize and categorize the data accumulated from the registration forms to create an online arts directory.  This directory is a comprehensive database where anyone can find member artists and arts organizations/service providers by searching by member name, location, art form, art genre, or the services provided.  The more data you provide about your art form in the art category, subcategory, and art genre sections of the registration form, the more searchable and visible you will become.

Once registered, the members have access to our networking system, where they can create their artist’s portfolio, network with other members, share their work with both visitors and the members, and create groups for meaningful conversations.

The photos on CJacks Arts are taken from the website Unsplash.com.  The photographers are:

Pierre Bamin, Johanna Buguet, Chuttersnap, Scott Gruber, Helloquence, Debby Hudson, Steve Johnson, Alex Jones, Lars Kuczynski, Lena L, Kate Macate, Leo Norden, Ricardo Resende,  Annie Spratt, Nicolas Thomas, Alex Vasey.

Your Page

CJacksArts is a platform, where artists can promote themselves.  The Artist’s bio and statement are for you to create your brand.  Your accomplishments, goals and artistic vision will help others to know you better.  Submitting the artist’s bio and the statement is optional, but it is favorable for your visibility.

Submitting your location is optional.  CJacksArts has search options, where the art organizers, curators, promoters, visitors, etc. can search for an artist using “search an artist by their name, location, and art form.”

Your profile is visible to all.  You have an option in your privacy settings if you want to make your profile visible to the visitors and other members.

You can find friends by typing their names, their locations or their art forms in the search bar or by visiting our directory. There you will find artists from any category who you would like to connect with.  You will have an option to send them a friend request.  Once they accept your request, they will appear in your friends list.

You can watermark your artwork.  You should also use good judgment in regards to sharing your work with others.  If you don’t want others to share your artwork, You can disable the share button in your privacy settings.

CJacks Arts groups provide an opportunity for like-minded artists to meet at one place and share their interests, visions, experiences, and insights about the subject matter relevant to a particular group that they belong to.

Please follow the steps below:

Read the clause Group Rules and Requirements in our Terms and Conditions document.

Create a name for your group.

Add a clear description and the objectives of your group.

Establish your group rules and regulations to manage your group effectively.

Decide whether your group is a public group or a closed group.  If it is a public group, any member of CJacks can send a request to join the group.  The group admin has the right to decline someone’s request.  The closed groups are for people who receive an invitation from the group admin.

Manage your group by making sure that the discussions stay relevant to your group’s purpose.

Make sure that your group doesn’t get subjugated to spamming and that the advertisers don’t target your group for their marketing and promotion.

Group administrators need to ensure that offensive language and off-topic contents are not posted in a group.

As a group administrator, become a committed member of your group by sharing interesting posts and group-objective related news and updates.

Group administrators have the right to read the posts of others and decide whether they want to approve it or not.

Your Account and Security

Please go over CJacks Arts Privacy Policy document to find out how to keep your account secure.

  • Create a password for CJacks that you don’t use at any other place.
  • Don’t share it with anyone.
  • Make it hard to guess.  Don’t use your name or any personal data to create your password.
  • Change your password often.

CJacks Arts gives you options to set your privacy preferences, where you can decide which features you want to enable or disable to make your account secure.

To provide better services to you and make improvements to our website, there are more exciting new features and opportunities being added to CJacks Arts. Receive updates through e-mail by opting into our newsletter, or keep an eye on the News and Updates section of our homepage.