The true story of blood, pills, genetics, and a body in crisis.

Let’s talk about the reality of chronic illness. Let’s talk about the reality of hospitalization. Let’s talk about what happens to our bodies, our loves, our sense of being. Let’s talk, because our silence helps no one. Let’s heal through our stories.

In The Marrow Scripts, you’ll get one person’s story, but you’ll hear the echoes of so many people’s lives. Each installment comes with an exercise so you can connect with your own wellness and practice revealing your own narrative. And in future iterations, we’ll be sharing even more medical stories through other media platforms.

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About me

Eshani Surya


Originally from the Northeast United States, I am a writer in Greenville, South Carolina. I hold an MFA from the University of Arizona in Tucson, where I also taught undergraduates. I am the creator and writer of The Marrow Scripts, and I read flash fiction at Split Lip Magazine. I also work at Clemson University.

My previous projects include serving as Flash Prose/Web Editor of Sonora Review, serving as Associate Editor at SmokeLong Quarterly, co-editing Minetta Review, writing game content at Pixelberry Studios, and marketing children's and adult books at Bloomsbury USA.


Full Name

Eshani Surya


Greenville, SC, United States