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Kapilas Bhuyan

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Kapilas Bhuyan is a senior state level accredited freelance journalist based at Bhubaneswar (Capital City of Orissa State in India), and a columnist on art, music, dance, theater and film, a writer of repute and an independent short, documentary and feature film maker.

He also has been working as an independent producer for various local television channels of Odisha.

He has served as Editorial Board Member of Bahi Jagat, a monthly book review magazine (1998-2003) and the Editor of various magazines like Book Sense: a quarterly magazine on books (2003-2005), Mahendragiri: a fortnightly magazine on tribal issues meant for neo-literate Kondh and Soura tribal groups residing in the Mahendragiri Mountain Range (world’s oldest rock formation and having the highest altitude in the Eastern Ghats of India), being published by Mahendragiri Adima Adhivasi Mahasabha (1990-1993), Sutradhar: a monthly magazine on theater arts in Orissa (1987-1988), being published by Orissa Natya Sangha and Suchana: a monthly feature magazine (1982-1983).


a)Kapilas Bhuyan has directed two documentary films for the BAIF Development Research Foundation, i.e. ‘Nua Jibanara Katha’ / ‘Story of Changing Lives’ (13 minute / colour / 2018) on how the Goat Development Programme of BAIF in the 5 tribal districts of Odisha has changed the lives of the poor rural people, and ‘Gopaalanara Nutan Gatha’ / ‘Saga of a New Era’ (26 minute / Colour / 2018), narrating the success in cattle rearing and dairy development in 10 districts of Odisha through 100 Cattle Development Centers.

  1. b) He has also directed a documentary film ‘Jharana Paanira Gita’ / ‘Songs of Water’ (35 minute / Colour / 2016) to highlight how villagers of 8 tribal villages of R. Udaygiri block in Gajapati district of Odisha have come together and successfully tapped the uphill perennial stream sources to bring water to their village steps for irrigation and other domestic uses, being produced by ISARA, a Berhampur based NGO that works amongst the tribal populace in Gajapati and Ganjam districts.
  2. c) He has made another shorter version film on the same theme as mentioned above to highlight the Good Practices of Panchayat under the title ‘Ekata Hin Bala’ / ‘Unity is Strength’ (3 minute / Colour / 2016), being produced by ISARA, a Berhampur based NGO that works amongst the tribal populace in Gajapati and Ganjam districts.
  3. d) He has again made another film on the same theme to highlight how conflicts erupt and peace is restored in a cyclical process under the title ‘Paani Kahani’ / ‘Story of Water’ (18 minute / Colour / 2016), being produced by ISARA, a Berhampur based NGO that works amongst the tribal populace in Gajapati and Ganjam districts.
  4. e) He has also directed two documentary films ‘Eka Ashara Jhalak’ / ‘A Journey into New Horizon’ (60 minute / Colour / 2016) to highlight the good impact of the Mobile Veterinary Unit, a Govt. of Odisha initiative to provide animal health care at every doorstep, and ‘Eka Bikalpa Bharasa’ / ‘An Alternative Livelihood’ (45 minute / Colour / 2016) to highlight the successful implementation of the National Mission for Protein Supplementation through the State Govt., being produced by the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Govt. of Odisha, Cuttack.
  5. f) He has made his debut feature film ‘Lal Odhani’ in 2012, which tells a love story set in the backdrop of Naxalite Movements in Odisha State and elsewhere in the Indian Sub-continent to cinematically probe into the relationship between the State and the individual citizens.
  6. g) He has served as a Member of the Selection Jury of the Indian Panorama, the showcase of Indian Films in the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) – 2009.
  7. h) He has compiled a 6-minute publicity film titled ‘No Glory (6 minute/ Colour / 2007) for Amnesty International India, New Delhi.
  8. i) He has produced and directed a 50 minute duration documentary film titled ‘Jatra Jeevan, Jeevan Yatra’, based on the life & livelihood in Oriya Jatra, the Oriya commercial folk theater that has taken a multi-million industrial status, though not recognized as one by the Govt. as yet, and the film is made under the aegis of the Center for Civil Society, New Delhi (India). (2006)

‘Jatra Jeevan, Jeevan Yatra’ has own the President’s National Film Award (Rajat Kamal) as the Best Non-Fiction Film in Art/Culture Category for 2006.

Besides, the film has been in the official section of JEEVIKA: The South Asian Livelihood Documentary Film Festival – 2005, New Delhi, Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) on the beaches of Puri, 2006 and CINE MELA – 2006, a Festival of Independent Films held at the Jawaharlal Neheru University (JNU), New Delhi.

  1. j) He has produced, written and directed a 23-minute short docu-fiction film ‘Breathing Without Air’ (2003), that has received the best short film award at the Festival du Cinema de Paris – 2004, got Jury’s Special Mention at the New York Short Film Festival (2004), and selected into the Official Sections of more than two dozen National and International film festivals, like; the Honolulul International Film Festival (2004), Le Festival du Film de Strasbourg (2004), Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester (2004), Jeevika – 2004: National Livelihood Documentary Film Festival, New Delhi, Marche Internationale Fiction Documentaire (MI.Doc) 2005, Capbreton, France, SAFFA/ICC Global South Asian Short & Doc. Festival – 2005, CA,USA, ‘TASVEER’ the 3rd Annual Independent South Asian Film Festival – 2006, Seattle, USA. and Inscreen International Film festival – 2006 (IIFF), Bhubaneswar.
  2. k) He has done an audio-visual documentation ‘Damning the Dams’ in digital video format to highlight the massive water logging problem caused by the roads and embankments, which have been made in the name of development in the coastal district of Puri in Orissa. The project had been commissioned by the Puri District Disaster Mitigation Forum, an apex body of NGOs working in the Puri district under the aegis of OXFAM (India) Trust. (1994)
  3. l) He has done the research for a film on ‘Chilka’ (1989), the largest brackish water lagoon in the country being directed by Mr. Prithwiraj Mishra and produced by the Science, Environment & Technology Dept., Govt. of Orissa.
  4. m) He has written commentary lines and assisted Mr. Prithwiraj Mishra for his film project called ‘Pani Pieba Chhani’ (1987) on sanitation and safe drinking water, produced by Danish India Project (DANIDA).
  5. n) He has also written commentary lines and assisted the renowned film actor and director Mr. Sadhu Meher for two of his environmental documentaries on forest resources being produced by the I & PR Dept., Govt. of Orissa. (1986) ________________________________________________________________________________________


Kapilas Bhuyan is associated with ‘OdishaLIVE Digital’, the premier digital platform of Odisha as a Strategic Communication Consultant and Freelance Director.

He is also the Consulting Editor of Odisha.Plus (Odisha+), the digital news and feature platform in English.

Between 2016 and 2019 he has directed many documentary films on subjects like SOP of Routine Immunization, Measles and Rubela Vaccination Campaign for the Health Dept., Govt. of Odisha through UNICEF, Odisha Office and one documentary film on Women Friendly Panchayat for Panchayatiraj Dept., Govt. of Odisha through UN Women, Odisha Office.

He also has made 10 AV documentation capsules of about 3 minutes each and 8 TVCs of 30 second each for Measles and Rubela total vaccination campaign, conducted in 2018 for the Health Dept., Govt. of Odisha through UNICEF, and handled by ‘OdishaLIVE Digital’.


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Kapilas Bhuyan

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Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India