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Master of Fine Arts at USIU Musical Theater United States International University 1992-1990

Bachelor of Arts in Choreography and Performance UCLA University of California, Los Angeles 1985-1988 Scholarship

Maraslios Teachers Academy School Diploma 1983-1985

: Maternal language is Greek
Foreign English and German (fluent) French (very good)


1. Dancing

2010-2004 Different dancing projects across Germany


1998-2004 Magic Force Body & Soul DKV German Tourne


1996-1994 Dancing projects in Athens (Television Semina Digeni, Andreas Mikroutsikos and Roula Koromila).

1994 Gordon Bleu Tokyo, Japan.

1993-1992 Different dancing and choreographic projects in Opus dance Ensemble, Civic Ballet


1992-1990 Chorus Line starring as a choreographer assistant, "Hello Dolly", "The Apple Tree", "Matador", "Boom Boom Room" and "Molly's Dream" in San Diego.

1989-1988 Frames with Zouganelis / Bonatsos-Zervos and cooperation with Takis Zacharatos / Zozo Sapountzakis in Athens, Greece.

2. Choreography

2020 Choreography for music video Lautlos,  Artist Morpheuz.

2020-2004 Artistic Director, Founder and Choreographer of the Art in Motion Dance Project in Stuttgart, Germany (Customers: ARD, ACE, Austrian Telekom, Arcor, Volskwagen, Daimler Chrysler, 107.7 Radio, Karstadt, ZDF, Festival, Karlsruhe & Ulm, Rotebühl Treffpunkt & Forum Theater Stuttgart).

2013 and 2012 State Opera Ballet in Russe, Bulgaria - Choreographic repertoire


2013 "Saga" Modern Ballet at the Ludwigsburg Theater "Forum" of Germany with the local orchestra - Art in Motion Dance Project


2010 Thomas Gottschalk- "Swinging Sixties ZDF German Channel Choreography and Organization - Art in Motion Dance Project


2009-1996 Artistic Director of Manhattan Dance Company, New York City Dance School, Stuttgart, Germany


2006 Pop Stars PRO SIEBEN - German channel - Artistic and Choreographic support


2006-2005 Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Contemp Dance Company in Marbach, Germany.

2002 Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, Holland - choreographic repertoire
"Timeless state of mind" and  "Crossroads".

2001-1998 & 2008-2004 Danceworks, in Ludwigsburg, Germany - Choreography.

1995 "Inside Out" World Tour Culture Beat - Choreography.

1993-1992 Different choreographic projects in Opus dance Ensemble, Civic Ballet


1992-1990 Dancing and A Prancing Choreography in San Diego, California, San Diego Ballet.

3. Organizational Credits (Direction, Production, Organization)

a. Production of Dance Videos for International Festivals

2020 "Apart but together" dance film in production

2020 “Moving Forward” a dance project about dancing during the corona Virus Shutdown

2019 “Candy Girls”, “Derailed between dreams & reality”, “The tree of Life” in Germany
Production/Direction of Dance Videos

2018 “Water”, “Reminiscent of Lives lived…”, “Dance Warriors”, “Leaving”, “When Arms Talk” in Mumbai, India & Germany
Production/Direction/Choreography of Dance Videos

2017 “Inner scream”, "Loyalty" & “The Shower” Kornwestheim, Germany.

b. Dance Performances /Educational Projects

2016 “Being different Together” and "Art in Motion & Friends" Gala in Stuttgart, Germany.

2015 «All about jazz» Project TSZF in Stuttgart, Germany.
Educational seminars in jazz dance.

2015 «Subway» Minkov Tanzakademie Winnenden of Germany. Dance show with authentic script.

2014 "Twist or Diary?" In Stuttgart, Germany.
Art in Motion Choreography Performance.

2014 Dance Fun Day "at Heilbronn & Stuttgart, Germany.
Series of seminars.

2014 "MinkovTanzakademie in Winnenden, Germany, " Fasten your eat belt, ready to fly?” .
Dance production Direction and Script writing.

2013 «Beat Generation» Athens Video Dance Festival in Athens, Greece.
Artistic dance video.

2012 «Zoe» Athens Video Dance Festival in Athens, Greece.
Artistic dance video.

2012 «Twister & more» in Athens, Greece.
Seminars and performances.

2007 Dance Art Festival in Pelion, Greece.
Dance seminars and performances.

2006 "A Day To Remember" in Stuttgart & Speyer, Germany.
Music and dance performance with an original script.

2005 "Hiphop Summer Dance Festival" in Fulda, Germany.
Dance workshops with performances.

4. Dance Instruction

2020-2008 Teacher of Jazz and Choreography at the Minkov Professional dance academy in Winnenden, Germany.

2009-1996 Professor Jazz and Modern/Artistic Director MDC at the New York City dance school in Stuttgart, Germany.

2020-2009 Professor in Jazz, Modern and Dancing artistic videos at the TSZF Tanz Sport Zentrum Feuerbach club in Stuttgart, Germany.

2020-2010 Professor Jazz, Modern and Dancing Video Clips Production at the Steps Dance School in Heilbronn, Germany.

2020-2016 Professor Jazz at the Sabine Bloehs dance school in Kornwestheim, Germany.
Jazz styles.

2006-2005 Tanzwerkstatt Marbach, Germany.
Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of the Contemp dance Company.

2003-2000 Puls Fit and Wellness Club Stuttgart, Germany.
Jazz dance.

2004-2001 Holodeck School of music, dance and drama Fulda, Germany.
Modern choreography & partnering & jazz styles.

1995-1994 -Kravenko School of Dance Las Vegas, USA.
Jazz & modern choreography.

1995-1994 -Studio One Las Vegas, USA.
Jazz styles and choreography.

1994-University of Nevada, Las Vegas Las Vegas, USA.
Modern Technique & choreography.

1995-1994 Backstage Dance Studio Las Vegas, USA.
Jazz & Musical theatre.

1993 Southwestern College San Diego, USA.
Jazz Styles.

1993-1992 -Northcoast Ballet San Diego, USA.
Jazz & Modern.

1993-1992 Stage 7 San Diego, USA.
Technique in Jazz and Modern.

1993-1992 United States International University/Alliant University San Diego, USA.
Musical Theater; Modern & lyrical Jazz.

5. Seminar Instruction

2019 Barry John Acting studio Mumbai, India
Improvisation / Choreography

2018 Swingers Dance Org. Bangalore, India
Contemporary Dance

2018 Twins dance Arts, Mumbai, India
Contemporary choreography

2017 Delhi Dance Academy in Delhi, India.
Contemporary dance.

2017 Navdhara India Dance Theater, Performing Arts School in Mumbai, India.
Contemporary dance choreography.

2017, 2015 International Dance Festival Johann in Tirol, Austria. Choreography in contemporary jazz.

2017 High Art dance in Athens, Greece.
Choreography workshop subject Twister.

2017/2013 Ballet School Stella Mouropoulou in Athens, Greece. Musical Theater and experimental jazz.

2019-2010 Mary Lada School in Athens, Greece.
Choreographic repertoire.

2014 Dance Fun Day Workshop TSZF in Stuttgart, Germany.
Jazz & partnering.

2013 "Better Life Day" event in Athens, Greece.
Speech presentation about dance and its therapeutic characteristics in our lives.

2012 Seminars in ΧΟΡΟLOGIE in Athens, Greece.
Jazz styles.

2013-2012 Stephens College, Columbia in Missouri.
Choreographic workshop.

2010-2008 Dance Music Festival in Athens, Greece.
Jazz & Musical theater.

2008, 2004-2002-Tanz Werkstatt in Kassel, Germany
Lyrical & funky Jazz.

2007,& 2004-2000 Tanzfabrik International in Erfurt, Germany.
Lyrical jazz & modern, partnering & Choreography.

2007-1999 Gina Workshops in Hamburg, Germany.
Master seminars in Choreography.

2008/2003 Palucca School in Leipzig, Germany.
Jazz styles & technique.

2007 Trafo Cultural Center in Budapest, Hungary.
Modern dance.

2007 Harmonic Studio in Paris, France.
Modern dance.

2007 Tanzsommer Innsbruck in Innsbruck, Austria.
Musical theater.

2007 Esslinger Tanztage in Esslingen, Koeln, Frankfurt, Germany.
Choreography workshop.

2006-1997 Rebel Dance in Münster, Germany.
Workshops in Choreography.

2006 X-Step in Berlin, Germany.
Jazz, modern dance & Choreography.

2005 Theater Festival in Isny, Germany.

2004 STEPZ Dansestudie in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Technique jazz & modern.

2004 Contemporary Dance School in Hamburg, Germany.
Various styles of jazz, choreography & partnering.

2004-2003 Dance Emotion & Freiburger Akademie für Tanz in Freiburg, Germany.
Contemporary Jazz, lyrical repertory jazz and partnering.

2003-2001-Studio Tendance in Leipzig, Germany.
Lyrical & funky Jazz.

2002 Theater School Amsterdam, Dance Dept. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Various styles of jazz.

2002 -Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Modern Jazz and Teaching own repertory “Timeless state of Mind” & “Stavrodromia”.

2002-2000 University Tübingen Sports Dept. in Tübingen, Germany.
Jazz, modern dance & choreography.

2000 Rotterdam Dance Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Various styles of jazz.

1999 Mannheimer Abendacademie in Mannheim, Germany.
Jazz, Modern choreography.

1999-98 Move On in Vienna, Austria.
Modern dance & jazz.

1994 University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Modern dance and choreography.

1993-92 United States International University / Alliant University in San Diego, California
Musical theater, jazz, technique.

1993 San Diego City Ballet School in San Diego, California, USA.
Modern dance.

1993 Southwestern College in San Diego, California, In America.
Technical styles of jazz dance.

1993-1992 Northcoast Ballet in San Diego, California, USA.
Jazz and modern dance.

6. Awards / Festivals

2020 Participation  with "Dance Warriors" Inner Scream" and "Bedroom Secrets" at the digital platform SOFY.TV.

2020 Participation in the collage film of the Collectif Guerilla Girls and  in the Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne  with  short dance film "Bathness".

2019 Participation at The Mobile Dance Film Festival in New York with the short dance film “The Shower”.

2019 Participation at the Siliguri Short Film Festival in India with the dance film “Bedroom Secrets”.

2019 Participation in the Almada Dance Film festival in Portugal with the dance film “Bedroom secrets”.

2017 Participation in the Almada Dance Film Festival in Portugal with the short dance film "Inner scream".

2013/2012 Participation in Athens Video Dance Festival in 2012 with “ZOE” and 2013 with "Beat Generation".

2003 "Firestarter" Audience Award in Gland of Switzerland.

2000 "Shimmering Light" choreography award in Elltingen, Germany.

1997 "Firestarter" first prize in Freiburg, Germany.

7. Theatre Acting

2019 “The imaginary Invalid-Die eingebildete Kranke” by Moliere Jes Theater Stuttgart.

2018 “Wertmüll” original play at JES Theater Stuttgart Wetmüll.

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