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Junior Diploma in Music

This is usually a course of 4 years but depending on the age, maturity and caliber students may complete this level earlier.

Senior Diploma in Music

This is a course of 3 years, after completing the junior diploma.

Sangeet Visharad

This is usually a course of 5 years, after completing the course of junior diploma.


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Parampara School of Music

True to its name, Parampara, based out of Connecticut, USA, is an institute that carries on the tradition of Indian music, in a land far from their origin, and in fact gives it new roots by spreading the love and appreciation of the Indian music amongst local people and our next generation.

Parampara school of Music provides vocal training in various genres of the Indian music such as Hindustani classical, Semi-classical, Bhajan, Rabindrasangeet, Folk song and more. Its students, located all over the country, range from the age of six to sixty from little kindergarteners walked-in by their music-loving parents to mature adults with significant prior training looking to further hone their musical skills!

The Parampara School of Music, is the labor of love of Kasturi SenBhunia. Kasturi has extensive training from stalwart Gurus in Indian classical music, Rabindrasangeet, & folk music. She is very well-known as a singer in her own right, in and around the New England Area. She trains each and every student of this institute, per their capabilities and interests.

The Parampara Institute is affiliated to the ( SSSP ) Sarbabharatiya Sangeet O Sanskriti Parishad​, which is a Performing Arts Diploma Examination Board, who’s certifications are recognized worldwide. The affiliation with SSSP provides a structured curriculum of instruction and allows students to benchmark their learning through examination and certifications. Depending on their level of engagement and interest, students can choose their path for Junior Diploma, Sangeet Visharad or Sangeet Ratna for Rabindra Sangeet, Sugam Sangeet, Vocal classical and many more options. Exams are conducted with due rigor and diligence.

If you are looking to embark on a musical journey for yourself or for your loved ones, Parampara is the answer to your quest. For details please contact Kasturi SenBhunia directly at 203 446 1090 or at

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Parampara School of Music

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Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA