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Terrance Shider


Terrance Shider began playing piano about the time he began to walk. A child prodigy, he was playing Moonlight Sonata by age four. His performance career also began at that time. Terrance had no training. If one asks Terrance how he learned to play, he will reply 'God give it to me.' He grew up playing gospel music in church and he continues to be sought after by ministers and musicians for their many activities and church services. Terrance loves all styles of music and will sit down with anyone to share in the joy.  He is motivated by sound, rhythm and feeling, interpreting what he hears, delivering compositions in the moment. He has been likened to the great Art Tatum and other giants of jazz. Terrance also works as a dance accompanist in a year round position. He performs at restaurants, schools, libraries, festivals and universities throughout New England.  Terrance has proven that he can sit down with any musician, find common ground and then take the music to those magical places where the great artists go.

He has a prolific repertoire of songs that can be observed on his youtube channel. Check it out! Enjoy!



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Terrance Shider

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Springfield MA, USA