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Beginner Level Kathak

Beginner Class: The beginner course work takes about two years to finish. Beginner students focus on learning and developing the basic techniques of Kathak, such as Tatkar, Chakkars, Ang, Lay and Tal. They also are introduced to the basic repertoire of Kathak and are expected to use this repertoire to strengthen their basic skills of the dance form. The age group in this class ranges from 6 to 12 year olds.

Advanced Level Kathak

Students who have finished their Beginner and Intermediate studies will be invited to join the Advanced Class. These students are given the most advanced repertoire and pieces such as Tarana, Thumri, and Bhajan etc. They also work on performance skills and are given the most opportunities to perform at prestigious venues.

Intermediate Level Kathak

Students who have completed their beginner Kathak techniques may move to this level. Intermediate students are given more complicated repertoire. They are expected to perform this material in different Tals. The intermediate level also increasingly focuses on expression and artistry.


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Sumbhaav School of Kathak Dance

Kathak Dance Training

Formerly known as India Performing Arts Center (established in 1990), The Sumbhav School of Kathak Dance offers comprehensive training in Kathak under the direction of Rachna Ramya.  Classes are offered in the Hartford, East Lyme, Stratford, and Stamford areas in Connecticut, USA.

The Sumbhav School of Kathak Dance takes its name from Sanskrit. Sum is the first beat of a rhythmic cycle. Because of its primacy, many musicians and dancers consider it to be God-like. Bhaav refers to expressions and intention as according to the “Natyashastra,” the ancient Indian doctrine on dramatic and performing arts. The name also comes from the “Nishkam Karma Theory,” referring to the calm that comes from the ability to observe impartially. The power to observe with detachment brings peace and balance.

Sumbhaav School of Kathak Dance takes pride in offering in-depth knowledge in both the Jaipur and Lucknow styles of Kathak.  Rachna follows the teaching techniques of her gurus, the great maestros of Kathak Guru Rajendra Gangani, Smt. Maya Rao, and Smt. Sandhya Desai.  Special emphasis is given to techniques such as Tatkar (footwork), Chakkaras (pirouetts), Padhant (vocalization), Lay and Tal (rhythm, tempo and rhythmic cycles), Kathak repertoire, Abhinaya (expressive aspects), and Sanrachna (choreography) in order to create and communicate meaning through this compelling dance form. In addition, Sumbhaav provides thorough knowledge of Kathak theory.  We also offer examinations for students who are interested in receiving diplomas in Kathak.

Another focus of Sumbhaav is bringing out the artistic side of each student.  By the time students finish their basic training—in which they learn the technicalities of dance, performance skills, and kinesthetic intelligence—they develop skills such as self-expression, self-esteem, and self-respect.  Many students who have studied Kathak at Sumbhav have attested to the fact that this class has enhanced their lives in a very creative way. They also have learned many life-skills such as problem-solving, appreciation of self, respecting themselves and others, stress-management, etc.

The students of Sumbhaav are regularly invited to perform at various events in Connecticut and are appreciated and commended for their Kathak performances.  Many past students of Sumbhaav are teaching and performing Kathak in various parts in USA.

We also provide need-based scholarships for the students.


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