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I am an award winning songwriter who loves to help others learn how the craft of songwriting

Poetry Writing

I use various poetic forms to help students find their inner poets.

Dulcimer Teacher

I can teach students how to play the mountain dulcimer at all levels.

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We are Thunder, We are Lightning

We are Thunder, We are Lightning

A song and a call to action for the Climate Crisis

Music can change the world, because it can change people –Bono

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. -Jimi Hendrix

As the Earth continues its endless voyage around the sun, we are running out time here on Planet Earth. We are Thunder, We are Lightning is an anthem and call to action for us to act NOW to address the growing threat of irreversible climate changes that will affect our children, grandchildren and generations to come. This original song was composed and recorded by Thomasina Levy and friends with the hope that the words and music will inspire people to acknowledge that there is indeed a crisis, and that we have to effect changes in our culture of the belief that the Earth’s resources are infinite. Its official release date is April 22/Earth Day 2020. The song was created from a poetry writing activity that asked the writers in the group PoetsforthePlanet.com to write a poem about climate change, and thus, the song We are Thunder, We are Lightning was born. Stellar musicians and CT residents contributed their creative energy into this song. They are: Thomasina Levy (Composer, Lead Vocals); Jeff Pevar (Guitars); Dave Anderson (Electric Bass); Rob “The Drummer” Gottfried (Percussion); Vocal Harmonies: Margo Hennebach, Doug Kupper, Audrey Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Colin McEnroe, Mark Saunders, Joan Berliner Spear. The song was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Bill Ahearn at Tapeworks Recording Studio in Hartford, CT.

Aware and concerned about the environment for a long time, Thomasina Levy felt compelled to write and produce “We Are Thunder, We Are Lighting” when she considered the fate of her granddaughter, Elena, with what our, and previous generations, have left the fate of the world.  “If we want to poison ourselves, that’s one thing, and stupid, but when I consider what we are leaving for our children and grandchildren, well, it is simply not fair, and will soon be too late to repair” says Levy.  “We Are Thunder, We Are Lighting” is a call to arms.  Every person on this planet has an obligation to leave this earth better than they found it.  Our youth recognizes the effects of climate change, and now it is our responsibility, as the leaders, to actually do something about it.

Can a song make a difference?  “We Are Thunder, We Are Lighting” is simply a focal point.  “One person most likely cannot concentrate enough attention on any issue, although Greta Thunberg may have changed that, however, “We Are Thunder, We Are Lighting” can be a rallying cry to bring people together” says Levy.


About me

Thomasina Levy

Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Dulcimer Player. Poet

Connecticut State Troubadour (2005/2006), Thomasina Levy

(www.thomasinalevy.com) is an award winning, internationally recognized

mountain dulcimer player, singer, and song writer whose performances weave

together the best of traditional and contemporary folk music. Her four years of

studies and graduation as a Facilitator of Music Improvisation with cello master,

David Darling and Music for People reaffirm her belief that music is in each one

of us and is just waiting for the right time to emerge. With a Master of Science

degree in Education, she uses music and art to help students of all ages discover

their own creative spirits throughout the United States. In January of 1999, she

was accepted to become part of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts’ Master

Teaching Artist Program and is now a Teaching Artist Mentor who helps fellow

artists, educators, schools and museums incorporate the arts into their programs.

Her music has been aired in over twenty countries across the globe. Described

as a charismatic performer, she touches audiences with a simplicity, humanity,

and strength drawn from the deep roots of the folk tradition. Thomasina has

recordings and instructional books for both children and adults. Her CD, "Chasing Cloud Shadows" has been aired in over twenty countries across

the globe. It has been described as “pure sunlight, a dazzling marriage of new and traditional folk music, jazz, country and bluegrass that makes for an hour of joyous listening.” She co-wrote a song with Joan Spear titled, Out of Many We Are One, which received the NAMA Award for Best Song/Single of the Year in 2011. Parallel Universe is her latest album which was co-produced with Grammy winning cellist David Darling. This instrumental album received a Silver Medal from the Global Music Awards in December 2018, as well as the 2019 NAMA Award for Best Song of the Year.

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Thomasina Levy

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Literary Arts- Poetry


Connecticut, USA