Terms & Conditions

1) Introduction

We are pleased to welcome you to the CJacks Arts.com, created to build a global community for the artists and to deepen the impact of arts on a global level.  CJacks is an abbreviation of Crackerjacks, which means people of noticeable excellence.

1.A.  Contract:

Please read the document “Terms and Conditions” carefully before using the website “CJacksArts.com”.   These terms and conditions are an agreement between You (aka both the members and the registered users) and the CJacksArts.com (aka we, us, our, CJacks Enterprise and CJacks Arts).  Members are the people who hold an account at the CJacksArts.com.  Registered users are also addressed as guests or visitors. Unregistered users have limited access to the website.  This contract is your user agreement.  You must agree to enter in this legally binding user agreement, titled as “The Terms and Conditions”, in order to join the website or to use any of our other services, such as our in-branded apps or any service that has CJacks Arts plug-ins.  These terms and conditions apply to both the individual users and an organized entity (organizationinstitutionestablishmentoperation, system, setup, etc.), on whose behalf you are joining CJacksArts.com.   This contract between you and CJacks Arts expires only when you close your account and discontinue using our services.  Every time you use or visit this site, you are subjected to the conditions stated below.

2) Intellectual Property Rights

CJacks Arts retains exclusive ownership of all its Intellectual Property Rights in all the services, including the content, design, texts, titles, logo, trademark, brand mark, name, etc. and expressly reserves all rights not expressly granted under this agreement.

3) Eligibility

3.A. Users are required to be at least 14 years old in order to enter into this contract.  If you are below the minimum age required to join this website, which is fourteen years old, but otherwise is qualified in other requirements, you can join this website with parental consent only. 

3.B. Users are required to use their real name to join this website.  If you use a fake name and/or fake information, according to the laws of CJacksArts.com, we reserve the right to discontinue your membership with us as well as your visiting rights to our site.

4) Your Account

Users must agree to the following clauses in order to join CJacksArts.com

4.1 You need to use your real name to join this website.  All information, including photos and videos, provided by you must be genuine.  You must not provide false information about your name, qualifications, associations, connections, accomplishments, etc.

4.2 You are required not to misuse your account by sharing or transferring it with/to anyone else.

4.3 You need to choose a strong password, which you must keep confidential. 

4.4 The content you provide us must not be obscene, pornographic, illegal, or inappropriate. 

4.5  You must not intimidate other users by using threatening, rude, foul, offensive, racy, sexual, vulgar and hateful languages.  You need to agree to behave and act professionally and maintain your contents and account in a way that is not injurious to others well-being or invades other’s privacy. 

4.6 You must not violate the rights of others by sharing or using other’s information that is their private, copyrighted, and trade-marked information.  Sharing other’s information deceptively and deceitfully is objectionable on CJacksArts.com. 

4.7 You must not deliberately spread out viruses and harmful software to destroy other’s account or computer devices. 

4.8 You must agree not to violate the intellectual property rights or any other rights of CJacksArts.com.  You must not try to interfere with our services in any way

4.9  You need to provide us with your contact information, where we can send you notices, announcements, and messages.  Keep your contact information up to date.  You can control in the “settings” section the kinds of notifications you would like to receive.  Each time you visit our website, you will be communicating with us.  Therefore, you must agree to receive communications in the form of notifications from us.  

4.10  You must understand that any material you share with the public or other members can be seen by them.  You will have settings that will allow others to share your posts.  If you don’t want your posts and information to be shared by others, you must disable the “Share” option in your privacy settings.

4.11  You are required to agree not to misuse this account by downloading, altering, or modifying it in any way.  Users have only limited access to our services.

4.12 You are responsible for how you present your information and what you post on your account.   CJacks Arts doesn’t take any responsibility for the reactions that others have on your posts. CJacks Arts doesn’t take any responsibility for you sharing other’s material on your account.   Neither we are responsible for any third party’s actions regarding selling and advertising their products and services on CJacks Arts. Using third party’s links or apps on CJacks Arts is your decision and your responsibility. Using a third party’s material means you are abiding by the third party’s terms and policies and CJacks Arts is not responsible for that.

4. 13 CJacks Arts doesn’t provide repository space.  We may not be able to store and sustain all your contents.

4.14 CJacks Arts has rights to limit how you use our services, such as, how many contacts you make and how much information/posts you post, and how you interact, interface, connect with other users.

4.15 Some aspects of CJacks Arts have a fee, which will be billed on a recurring basis until you disable auto-renewal or delete your account.  We will notify you in advance regarding which aspects of our platform has a fee.

4.16 CJacks Arts is to showcase the member’s talents and skills.  You are requested and encouraged to post only your own art on your account so that the art promoters can take notice of your work.

5) Groups Rules and Requirements:

CJacks Arts groups provide an opportunity to like-minded artists to meet at one place and share their interests, visions, experiences, and insights about the subject matter relevant to a particular group that they belong to.

5.1 Each group needs to have a group administrator.  Group administrator and group members must agree to Cjacks Arts Terms and conditions and Privacy policy.

5.2 A group member must be a CJacks Arts member.  CJacks Arts guest cannot join and participate in a group.

5.3 Each group should have an objective that should be conveyed clearly to other group members.

5.4 Groups must be created only for arts-related topics and discussions, where group members can engage in productive discussions.  A group should not represent any forged and misleading information.

5.5 Group members should refrain from discussing political, religious or any non- relevant matters.

5.6 Group members must respect each other and not post offensive posts and messages in the group.

5.7 CJacks Arts members shouldn’t be forced to join the group after they decline the request to join the group.

5.8 Groups should not share the arts of other artists in the group without the artists’ permission, who the art belongs to.

5.9 Group members who want to leave a particular group shouldn’t be forced to stay in that group.

5.10 Members, who are below the age of 14 can join a group only with parental consent.

6)  Your Privacy and Data Policy

The following privacy policy applies to all our registered members, who have created an account on CJacksArts.com to receive a spot in our global directory for the artists.  Each registered user will have their own page, where they can create their artistic portfolio/presentation.  To register yourself as a member, you will provide us your name, email address, and password. 

6.1 CJacks Arts will respect your privacy by not sharing or selling your personal information to any third party.  We may employ a third party to maintain and enhance our services. In that case, the third-party sources’ use of your personal information is decreed by their privacy policy.

6.2  You own all the information that you post on your account unless you authorize us to share such information. We will use your personal information to provide you with user support and to protect your account from any illegal activity. We will also use your information to notify you of any services and promotions that we may add.   

6.3 Your password will not be visible in our records.  Don’t share your password with anyone.

6.4  You will have a profile page, where you can make decisions about what you want to share with other members and the guests.  In the sections on your profile page, such as artists bio, location, artists statement, artists photo etc., you can make a decision regarding what information you want to share with others.  You are encouraged to share the data that you feel may bring you professional and networking opportunities.  Please refrain from posting any data about yourself or your art, which you don’t want to share publicly. 

6.5  CJacksArts.com invites the general public (the guests) to view your artistic presentations and any information that you want to share with them.  You have a choice regarding what you want to share with the guests and whether you want them to download and share your work with others. 

6.6 Member are encouraged to post their own work on their profile page.  You can watermark your work for added protection.  You can also disable the “share” feature if you don’t want others to share your work on their page. 

6.7 You have a choice regarding whether you want to have other members and guests comments and likes on your posts. You can specify whether you want other member’s comments and likes on your posts in your privacy settings.

6.8  You can maintain your privacy for specific information by deleting the information that you don’t want to be viewed by others or by deleting your account altogether.  If you have authorized other members to share your contents, then we are not obligated to protect your content.   

6.9 You can choose the information you want to share with others in your “privacy settings”.   Your privacy is very important to us and we collect certain user data, such as the information that you provide us, your posts on your accounts, social plugins, CJacks Arts login, CJacks Arts analytics, about the device with which you access CJacks Arts and measurement tools.  We will collect this data from you only to make your experience on CJacks Arts more personalized.  CJacks Arts will not sell any of your private data to any other business entity, organization, institutionestablishmentoperation, system, setup, etc.  We will use your personal information only to maintain the site and to customize the website to your account. 

6.10 Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer.  We use cookies on our website, services, and applications to protect your security, to remember your preferences, to understand your needs, and to personalize your contents so that you have a better experience of the features that are relevant to you.  Artists and businesses who advertise on our site and the others who provide service to CJacksArts.com may also use cookies.  You can control these cookies by setting your preferences in your browser control panel.

6.11 Please go over our privacy settings carefully and thoroughly, so that you can make best decisions about protecting your privacy.

6.12 Guests need to sign up with their name and a password to view the artistic presentations that artists want to share with the guests.  CJacks Arts will respect your privacy by not sharing or selling your personal information to any third party.  We may employ a third party to maintain and enhance our services.   In that case, the third-party sources’ use of your personal information is decreed by their privacy policy.

6.13 Your password will not be visible in our records.  Don’t share your password with anyone.

7) Termination of Your Account

CJacks Arts has the right to limit, suspend or delete your account in case there is any violation of the Terms and Conditions stated here, or if you are misusing our services, or if you are indulging in any unlawful activities.  This is to keep other CJacks Arts users safe.  We have the right to modify or delete your content if it’s intimidating, shocking, or offensive for other users.  We will notify you of our actions regarding the termination of your account or modification of your content before we take any practical action.  We recommend you to regularly check our Terms and Conditions. 

8) Revisions and Modifications of Our Terms

In order to provide better services to you and make improvements to our website, we may develop and add new aspects to our website.  In that case, we will need to revise and modify our terms and conditions.  We will inform you about our modified and altered terms.  If you choose to continue our services after we modify our terms, it means you are consenting to the updated terms and conditions.  If you don’t agree with our modified terms, you may choose to end your account. We will try hard to make sure that our site is always working at its best.  In case the things don’t go exactly as planned, we apologize for any inconvenience in advance. 

9) Litigation

In case there is any dispute related to you using our services shall be mediated in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut and will be dictated and abided by the laws of the State of Connecticut.

10) Limit of Liability

You agree that the CJacks Arts, its executives,  administrators, and its employees shall in no event be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages), arising from, relating to or connected with our services, the use or inability to use our service, disclosure of, unauthorized access to or alteration of your content, statements, conduct or omissions of any service providers or other third party on our service, actions or inactions of other users of our service or any other third parties for any reason, and any other matter arising from, relating to or connected with our service or these terms. 

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. CJacks Arts reserves the right to release any information to the proper authorities, as a result of a violation of these Terms, or illegal activities.